Marcus and Laura


Marcus and Laura


We're Marcus and Laura; a work husband and wife celebrating 7 great years of creative matrimony. 

Together, we concept, create and craft big ideas for a range of great brands. We've spawned a Cannes Lions nominee, 360 campaigns for global clients and pitch-winning creative work. To get an idea of the work we do, have a nose through our latest and greatest projects. And if you've got any questions, feel free to drop us a line. 


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Creme Egg Hunting Season


Durex - Turn Off Tn

This was a rallying call for couples to challenge the biggest cock-block in town and reboot their relationships.

Honda - Below The Line

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Cocoa Life - A Gh 

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Kallø - Delightfully Nonsense Free

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Laura Parker

I'm a pen-twiddling enthusiast who's had a way with words since writing knock-off Biff, Chip and Kipper books as a kid. I perfected my penmanship on university essays, but left the days of Homer and Milton behind me to pursue the craft of creative copywriting... and haven't looked back.


Marcus Aitman

I love turning ideas into a reality. It started with a short stint as an architect, then with layouts and motion graphics as a designer. Now, as an art director, I love using film, digital innovation and tech to bring ideas to life.